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Jazzi McGilbert is a queer black woman + creative director from South Central in Los Angeles, CA. Like most women of color, Jazzi has worn many hats working in various creative fields as a writer, blogger, editor, producer and wardrobe stylist just to name a few. In her beginnings at the age of 15 Jazzi landed her first job at a local beauty supply. Finding her love for fashion at a young age, Jazzi worked very hard and soon found job opportunities in the fashion industry working for world renound publications such as Teen Vogue, Vogue Magazine and just to name a few. Being one of the few women of color in these spheres, Jazzi faced difficulties while trying to follow her passion, facing life challenges while facing even more disparity brought on by privileged oppressors in the industry.

Her successful namesake blog - (now retired) - making her one of the first of a handful of pre-influencers in the burgeoning internet space circa 2005. Jazzi obtained partnerships with major brands such as Net-a-Porter, Evian, GAP, Macy’s, JCPenney’s and more, generating income as a style blogger in a way never seen before. She not only paved the way as one of the few women of color in this space circa 2005 but held the title of “influencer” WAY before the title became the status quo it is now.

A natural born content creator and magazine junkie, Jazzi hopped on a opportunity to work as NYLON Magazine’s Digital Editor during its last vestiges of relevance. After leaving NYLON she continued freelancing for a number of publications. After years of dealing with toxicity in the industry she made a decision to retire from the fashion digital life at-large in 2014, taking time to re-calibrate and rebuild herself.

She's now a dog mom of 2 in West LA, Creative Director at LOOM - a ground-breaking new education space that's all the rage. LOOM strives to empower people as they navigate their sexual, reproductive and parenting experience. In addition to LOOM, Jazzi continues to work as a freelance creative consultant. Stay tuned for the launch of - a journey back to her beauty supply roots in the form of a gorgeously packaged resource dedicated to black folks, geared to launch in 2019 ( We highly suggest you sign up now! You don’t want to miss this. ) !

What’s your favorite 90’s 00’ R&B mood/artist rn?

Brandy has the most underrated catalog of all time. ALL TIME! New school: Kelela is my type + Rob Roy for life (don't sleep!) + I stumbled upon this new artist Tirzah who's been giving me allll the vibes! 

Quote you live by :

“No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others." - Martha Graham (on artists)