"it'$ a฿out ov€rtim€" long sleeve

"it'$ a฿out ov€rtim€" long sleeve


“it'$ a฿out ov€rtim€” printed long sleeve is a homage to SWV’S first album “it’s about time” in collaboration with the long time efforts + tradition of the efforts behind women of color securing the bag.

With a play off various currency symbols from around the world. Reppin’ SWI by wearing one of our shirts is a gentle reminder to the general public that you don’t play when it comes to getting paid.

All proceeds support and keep SWI’s events free of charge. Additionally your support will help fund future initiatives to help the movement organize, grow, take place in other cities and did we mention the parties to come?! The more SWI grows our sisterhood grows, healthy behaviors and treatment between money and emotions enhance a better work life cause’ it doesn’t have to be toxic.

100% cotton

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