Sisters With Invoices was just a joke at first. A play off founder Amelian Kashiro Hamilton's love for R&B group SWV and her ever lamenting struggles as a freelance creative. One night downtown with her friend NaiVasha, Amelian jokingly said "Sisters With Invoices" as they buckled over with laughter. But it never left her mind, soon developing into various ideas over the course of almost two years and finally executed August 19th 2018 as a meeting. She didn't realize the need was so great and how many beautiful, kind creatives she would meet just from the first meeting alone also looking for community. 

Amelian faced various challenges as a assistant, working her way through fashion. First being exploited by modeling for Jeremy Scott's Adidas Originals -  a global campaign. She was unpaid after being told there was "no money" her image was used globally with out her consent, finding out the reach from various friends, relatives and people online who spotted her in media, Originals pop ups and stores worldwide. Struggling as a broke wardrobe assistant and unable to book any modeling work due to the over saturation of her image from such a distinct campaign.

She assisted for 3 years and faced non payment from her longtime boss, a well known fashion stylist at the time for wanting to move forward. Fashion assistants with dreams of moving forward from employers are usually faced with deep abuse, oppression, the threat of being "banished" from various fashion connects/pr's and additionally no money or resources to sue. This was happening to Amelian while she was in a abusive relationship, in a global campaign with out her consent and additionally unable to support herself as her boss decided to pay her at her whim, overworking her with zero remorse.

 After leaving the relationship and her toxic employer she was able to work for a national television network in which she was not equipped to deal with the strangulation's and oppressive nature of the corporate world of a entertainment news show that dissected women's bodies for sport much less going from earning nothing to six figures a year. After leaving this environment, she was broken, suicidal and unequipped to navigate through a whole new feat - freelancing. 

Since her freelancing career began almost 4 years ago Amelian lends herself to various creative projects, videos, music, editorials and commercial works. The journey hasn't been easy but with her knowledge of balancing herself spiritually and mentally - learned from her Japanese mother who is a master tailor and enforcer of "being still" with oneself and her father, African American and the original freelancer in her life, before it was called such he taught her how to be a fighter.

Amelian hopes to share and perpetuate these lessons in the journey of being a freelancer to better equip others. She followed her gut and intuition, using this feeling to carefully select who leads SWI meetings.

There is so much she does not know and created SWI with the hopes of learning and growing more through connecting with other creatives in the distant landscape that is LA .  She hopes that by cultivating this community those who join can also share what they know and we can all elevate together.